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Strengthen GRC and Productivity

April 18, 2008 08:00 AM

Craig O'Neill

CaoSys, a leading developer of GRC and productivity software specifically for Oracle E-Business Suite, has announced a new version of CS*Applications that includes improved support for XML for importing and exporting content into its tools as well additional access control and notification components for its internal controls solution.

The release includes a number of updates to many of the suite core products including, CS*Audit, CS*Accelerate, CS*Comply and CS*Form. CS*Comply also includes a new component for bringing additional user access controls called AccessGuard.

"We have listened to feedback from our customers and implemented a number of specific requests" said Craig O'Neill, founder of CaoSys. "We have improved the capabilities for importing and exporting content within our solutions, most components now use standard XML as a means of moving content from one system to another, this greatly simplifies the logistics of managing solutions created using our tools. We have also extended the automatic email notification system within our segregation of duties solution (CS*Comply) to help improve efficiency when dealing with access requests. We are also introducing AccessGuard, this is a new component that is included with CS*Comply that brings what we call a 'brute force' method of controlling access to risky functions within Oracle E-Business Suite. A traditional SOD type of tool scans the system for what it considers conflicts based on a predefined matrix, we offer this within CS*Comply but AccessGuard takes a different approach in that it allows you to flag functions as high risk in their own right and therefore deny access across the board by default and only grant access on specific cases; this approach allows high risk functions to be guarded very quickly without the need to define a conflict matrix and then scan the system searching for violations."

O’Neill continued “In addition to the enhancements already mentioned we have also improved many other areas across most products. We have paid particular attention to CS*Audit, our powerful data auditing solution. The user interface for building audit solutions has seen many improvements as well as the introduction of hierarchical audit rules to allow for greater control of what gets audited. Audit solution configuration and security cloning has also been included to make building multiple audit solutions much easier.”

The new version (build 221) is available now and can be downloaded for use on development and test servers for unlimited evaluation directly from the CaoSys website at www.caosys.com.

CaoSys is an independent software solution provider within the GRC and productivity software space. Its solutions offer radically different ways of implementing solutions for the Oracle E-Business Suite that save time and money. Their solutions provide all the main disciplines for a comprehensive GRC solution, from traditional conflict based segregation of duties to high risk single function security to masking and hiding sensitive data to application configuration to powerful data auditing as well as a host of very powerful productivity tools. CaoSys software helps businesses streamline and secure their applications making their users and therefore their business more efficient whilst ensuring assurance and accountability. CaoSys was formed during 1999 and is based in the UK.

Visit CaoSys online at www.caosys.com

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