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XML Based Content Packs For Oracle E-Business

April 22, 2008 08:00 AM

Craig O'Neill

CaoSys, a leading developer of Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) and productivity software specifically for Oracle E-Business Suite introduced the first of its XML based content packs for its product line recently called E*Packs.

E*Packs consist of pre-built content designed to enable customers to hit the ground running with its products. The first E*Pack, available from today is for its enterprise data auditing solution CS*Audit. The CS*Audit E*Pack (CS*Audit*EP) consists of a number of predefined audit solutions all configured and ready to use.

Customers faced with application data auditing issues are often disconcerted at the sheer number of entities within the database that they need to audit, this can often mean the hidden costs of implementing an audit solution rise dramatically once the audit tool of choice has been selected since the customer will need to spend time determining exactly what should be included in the audit process. CS*Audit*EP helps reduce these hidden costs by providing the customer with over a 100 key entities and more than 2,000 data points already defined.

Craig O’Neill, founder of CaoSys said “We are working closely with our partners to develop a number of E*Packs for most of our products, the introduction of CS*Audit*EP brings value added content out of the box so customers can get up and running as quickly as possible and reduce the costs associated with implementing their data auditing policies.”

CS*Audit forms part of the CaoSys compliance toolkit which itself is installed as part of the companies complete suite which is called CS*Applications. All E*Packs are delivered and installed onto a customers system using standard XML and are fully configurable and extensible.

“We have an extremely powerful and easy to use toolkit which is now complemented by pre-built content to help us offer a more complete solution. We are currently working hard on our next E*Pack release which is a comprehensive Segregation of Duties conflict matrix, scheduled for release in late Q2 of 2008 with a number of other E*Packs scheduled later in the year.” continued O’Neill.

CaoSys is an independent software solution provider within the GRC and productivity software space. Its solutions offer radically different ways of implementing solutions for the Oracle E-Business Suite that save time and money. Their solutions provide all the main disciplines for a comprehensive GRC solution, from traditional conflict based segregation of duties to high risk single function security to masking and hiding sensitive data to application configuration to powerful data auditing as well as a host of very powerful productivity tools. CaoSys software helps businesses streamline and secure their applications making their users and therefore their business more efficient whilst ensuring assurance and accountability. CaoSys was formed during 1999 and is based in the UK.

More information regarding CS*Audit*EP is available directly from the CaoSys website at www.caosys.com

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