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Archive Migration from Proprietary Systems Made Easy

Kon Leong
Chief Executive Officer
ZL Technologies

ZL Technologies, Inc., the leader in archiving software for large enterprises, has announced the release of Version 7.0.4 of its flagship product, Unified Archive (UA), an integrated software suite which consolidates and manages all the “unstructured” data contained in e-mail and files across an enterprise. Uniquely capable of bringing all data under one roof, UA ensures only one data copy is kept, one policy is enforced and one view of the data is provided for integrated ZL applications such as e-discovery, compliance, records management and storage optimization. 

This release adds many features, including these three major capabilities:

  • Migration of legacy data from proprietary systems (such as Symantec’s Enterprise Vault, EMC Legato’s EmailXtender, Autonomy’s EAS and CAMM)
  • An ability to preview files that are managed-in-place
  • A custodian portal to streamline e-discovery processes

For data migration from outgoing archives, ZL Unified Archive® now enables enterprise customers to skip the tedious and slow process of traditional migration by wholesale migration of data directly from the legacy databases. ZL UA now natively reads formats of other systems including Symantec Enterprise Vault, CA Messenger Manager, EMC Legato, and others, and migrates the data directly into UA 7.0.4.  UA can do this even with data stored within proprietary repositories, such as EMC Centera. Large organizations can now speed up migration from legacy archives by tenfold.

UA 7.0.4 also adds Manage-In-Place File Preview to the UA e-discovery module.  Managing data in place enables enterprise users to keep data in its original repository without creating an additional archived copy until necessary.  Data managed in place can be searched easily and quickly.  Search results can be previewed in their original repository without the need to save the documents to the archive.  If documents need to be saved to the archive, whether in response to a litigation hold, a regulatory requirement or for a general business purpose, a simple click of the mouse will allow the user to save that document to the company’s archive.  If not, the data remains in the end-user’s file stores until its normal retention period expires or the end-user deletes it.  Valuable archiving space is saved, and time, cost and risk are reduced in the event of litigation.

To help streamline the e-discovery process to more accurately collect, search for and review data, UA 7.0.4 adds a Custodian Portal to its e-discovery module. The Custodian Portal handles data collection and preservation requests for repositories external to the ZL system.  Using this feature, e-discovery module users can now send customized preservation and collection requests to external data stewards and automatically track the progress from the e-discovery module, thereby saving the time and cost of having to reach out to each steward with phone calls and e-mails.

The new Custodian Portal was also created to provide additional end-user access to preservation notifications and surveys.  The Custodian Portal allows end-users to view all preservation notifications and surveys that they have acknowledged in the past as well as preservation orders that are still in effect.  Additionally, users can use the portal to access new notifications and surveys and post acknowledgements. 

These, and many other new features, are built upon the success of the prior offerings, and have resulted in Unified Archive’s success in many large enterprises, including those where UA has replaced other proprietary systems.  Highlighting ZL UA’s strengths and advantages, a leading industry analyst firm recently noted that enterprise customers are expressing dissatisfaction with other archiving solutions due in part to technology and cost issues. Reasons offered by stakeholders include lack of integration between e-mail, archiving, records management, and e-discovery solutions, which has led to slow overall search times and performance issues leading to higher costs. By contrast, ZL UA’s unified and integrated platform offering offers superior, scalable performance at much lower costs.

“ZL is proud to offer a true end-to-end archiving solution for the large enterprise,” says Kon Leong, Chief Executive Officer of ZL Technologies. “While other vendors may stitch together disparate applications to cover, say, the EDRM process and call it ‘end-to-end,’ Unified Archive 7.0.4 manages the full process from document ingestion through culling, analysis and review processes, and all the way to legal production.  With its unified architecture, UA is the only solution capable of doing all these tasks without moving data, thus saving considerable time, cost and risk. For large organizations that spend millions of dollars each year on non-integrated ‘silo’ solutions, Unified Archive is truly a game-changer.”

About ZL Technologies 

Since 1999, ZL Technologies, Inc. (ZL) has provided cutting-edge enterprise software solutions for e-mail and files archiving for regulatory compliance, litigation support, corporate governance, and storage management. ZL’s Unified Archive®, offers a single unified platform to provide all the above capabilities, while maintaining a single data copy and a unified policy across the enterprise. With a proven track record at numerous large enterprise clients including top global institutions in finance and industry, and over 500 man-years of advanced archiving experience, ZL has emerged as the expert provider of archiving technology for the large enterprise.




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