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Analytics Platform for Public Cloud Governance

Enhanced Cloud Intelligence Solution for AWS enables enterprises to manage growing operational data and public cloud sprawl

Robb Allen

Datapipe, a global provider of managed services and infrastructure for outsourced IT and cloud computing, has announced Datapipe Cloud Analytics for Amazon Web Services (AWS), an advanced managed service offering that uses innovative data-mining and intelligence tools to aggregate and analyze AWS usage patterns across the enterprise.

This enhanced functionality enables a more effective cost management approach as enterprises look to extend their AWS public cloud environments deeper into the organization – a key benefit as the amount of operational and functional data that must be managed and analyzed continues to grow.

Datapipe Cloud Analytics is the only tool available today that combines this level of active intelligence with real time expert support. This combination enables enterprises to act on issues before they negatively impact the operational integrity of cloud deployments. Key features include:

  • Full AWS Coverage – Gain a comprehensive view of your solution with information on 100 percent of existing AWS services
  • Cost Dashboards – Easily discover more meaningful information about your spending with different cost views on an improved dashboard
  • Business Groups and Governance – Allow users to build different business alignments to serve different use cases such as cost allocation reports and chargebacks
  • Availability – Baseline disaster recovery (DR) status that reflects AWS DR best practices and recommends AWS features to reach optimal availability, increase outage protection and quicken recovery
  • Security – Scans and identifies the status of your security group configurations, continuously monitors their status and alerts you of vulnerabilities
  • One-click Access to AWS Certified Engineers – 24x7 access to support teams for recommendation implementation and immediate resolution of detected issues

At the core of Datapipe Cloud Analytics service is its Big Data Engine that connects a client’s AWS account via a secure, non-invasive API to collect and analyze raw usage metrics in near real time, along with cost and billing statements that provide a detailed and granular view of cost data. The Datapipe Cloud Analytics platform then layers on sophisticated insights, analytics, recommendations and tools to help optimize cloud usage and costs. Unlike other tools performing similar analysis, Datapipe Cloud Analytics taps into Datapipe’s deep understanding of IT operations that comes from managing and delivering IT services from its global delivery centers and networks for nearly a decade. 

“We’ve reached a tipping point in the industry and traditional service management tools are no longer enough to enable IT operators to optimize all of their AWS services in a cost-effective and scalable manner,” said Robb Allen, CEO, Datapipe. “By combining the Datapipe Cloud Analytics platform with our industry-leading managed services, we’re helping our customers tackle the operational and governance challenges of successfully managing their public cloud deployments.”

Datapipe Cloud Analytics makes it easy for enterprise IT operators to see and improve daily costs and assets, identify usage behaviors and align all of these elements to the company’s business objectives. Datapipe customers can keep costs under control by budgeting both real-time and estimated costs as well as track and monitor spending by department. This allows them to more effectively manage their AWS spending and control “sprawl” as more business units within the company begin using AWS resources for their specific needs. 

About Datapipe
Datapipe is a managed service provider focused on optimizing, managing and securing mission-critical IT services for the enterprise. Areas of expertise include private and public cloud, HIPAA, PCI compliance, security, database, network, storage, disaster recovery and migration. Datapipe operates data centers in influential technical and financial markets including New York Metro, Ashburn VA, Silicon Valley, Iceland, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.

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