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Digital Forensics Takes The Next Step

Version 6.11 Will Add Unparalleled Speed, Efficiency and Interactivity with 13,408 Device Profiles and New Devices Including IPhone 6/IOS 8 and Windows Devices

Glenn Hickok
President, U.S. Division
Micro Systemation

MSAB, the mobile leader in forensic technology for mobile examination and pioneer of XRY has announced the release of the latest version of its internationally recognized XRY platform.  XRY allows users to perform forensically sound extractions of data from mobile devices.  Version 6.11 offers a number of new features and capabilities including expanded access to a wider array of devices, chipsets and Apps in use around the world. 

“Keeping pace with the explosion of new technologies and applications in use is essential to our mission of empowering investigators with the tools they need to be successful in today’s global technology environment,” said Glenn Hickok, President of MSAB Inc.  “By providing unparalleled access to new devices, chipsets and applications, we are able to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of those in the field addressing serious issues such as gang violence, narcotics trafficking and exploitation of children.”    

MSAB’s new XRY platform is playing a key role in the law enforcement’s efforts to address a wide array of criminal threats in the U.S.  The 6.11 version of XRY tool helps investigators gain new levels of access to Android devices as well as applications such as Facebook messenger, HERE maps, Skype, Viber, WeChat, WhatsApp and many others.  The New XRY also introduces a feature that makes it possible to visualize emails in their original format so that users can view the source code of emails or view them in HTML.  6.11 also provides full logical support for IPhone 6 and IOS 8 and can fully decode Windows phones.  The new version also enables access to an unprecedented array of dating apps, including Bender, Blendr, Nearox and many others often used by child predators.

“As the majority of data on smartphones is now being transmitted by apps the difference between success or failure for an investigation will often be determined by the agility and adaptability of the forensic tools being employed to interact with them,” added Hickok.  “By bringing the total support levels for XRY to 543 different apps versions we are confident that it is the best tool available for the recovery and analysis of app related data on the market .”

MSAB’s XRY has been successfully proven in courts of in over 60 countries around the world.  

For more information about MSAB and its products go to www.msab.com.

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