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The Future of Compliance Archiving

Globanet celebrates the 7th birthday of its flagship product - Globanet Merge1

David Vitko
VP of Product & Engineering

Globanet Merge1 is a premier message capture platform that retrieves a wide variety of electronic communications, such as instant and text messages, social media and financial terminals to standardize and consolidate them into one archive solution, whether on premise or in the cloud. The software product allows organizations across all verticals to strengthen internal controls and satisfy regulatory compliance laws by easily accessing and discovering correspondence that is difficult to obtain.

“The mind-boggling rate at which corporations generate unstructured data today and the increasing adoption of Social Media as a business outlet creates serious challenges for teams seeking to secure, capture and archive message streams,” said David Vitko, VP of Product & Engineering of Globanet. “Globanet Merge1 uniquely empowers clients to move forward by uncovering previously inaccessible electronic communications faster than was ever possible before.”

The product is an affordable, user-friendly way to merge numerous data streams into a single database of text-based transaction records. Globanet Merge1 connectors include: Bloomberg, BlackBerry, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft Lync, Salesforce Chatter, Thomson Reuters, Twitter, Yammer and many more. The following information highlights the key use cases, solutions and benefits of Globanet Merge1.

Key Use Cases and Solutions:

1. Financial Messaging: Globanet Merge1 is widely used throughout the financial services industry. It allows firms to comply with SEC Rule 17a-4, CFTC Rule 1.31 and stay away from hefty FINRA fines. Its ability to easily retrieve content from financial communication platforms such as Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters Eikon, Merrill Chat, UBS, Liquidnet, MarketLook and others, enable corporate compliance and data discoverability. With direct connection to the data source, content is retrieved on an automated schedule with built-in notifications for completed tasks, number of items processed and possible errors. Notification reports can also be set up through email.

2. Instant and Text Messaging: Globanet Merge1 enables the processing of instant and text messages from various systems, such as iOS, Android and Microsoft Lync. Securing and archiving instant and text messages is imperative for organizations that need to protect their reputation, manage risk and meet stringent compliance policies.

3. Social Media: Globanet Merge1 is able to capture a wide array of social media content, convert it into email format and transfer and seamlessly transfer the data into an archive or mail solution. The social media connector is all-inclusive, consisting of: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Salesforce Chatter, Yammer and YouTube.

4. Custom Needs: Globanet Merge1 is a highly customizable software product. Its flexibility allows customers to easily import custom formats with small changes to filter files. If a current content source is not supported within the platform, Globanet can build a new connector to meet current needs. Each connector is licensed separately, so you only pay for what you need. 

Hundreds of organizations currently utilize Globanet Merge1 as their primary method for collecting unstructured data and content that is not typically retrievable. Globanet Merge1 greatly increases an archive’s return on investment by placing more critical data inside of it, which would have been otherwise unobtainable. The stored data greatly reduces risk and can potentially save significant amounts of time and money when it is subject to internal or regulatory investigation.

"Globanet Merge1 has allowed us to greatly extend the archiving capabilities of our customers to provide a flexible solution towards modern archiving requirements. Our customers appreciate the fact that new electronic feeds such as Lync, Twitter and Facebook require capture as well as the more traditional forms of data such as file and email. Being able to easily expand the Globanet Merge1 framework to accommodate new data sources, whilst being archiving platform agnostic is a big win for our customers, who are secure in the knowledge that their future archiving needs can be covered, whichever archiving platform they decide to use." - Jeff Shotton, Director of Technical Support for Adept-Tec

Support & Training
Globanet’s industry-leading support team offers training and assistance for Globanet Merge1 during an organization’s evaluation and use. The support team is also able to assist organizations with converting their search requirements into specific search criteria or helping resolve queries or problems. Globanet Merge1 is commonly offered with a support and maintenance package, allowing organizations to work with product experts and quickly become experts themselves.

About Globanet
Globanet is a leading provider of archiving, data migration, compliance and eDiscovery solutions worldwide. Founded in 1996, the company is a pioneer in archiving and intelligent information governance and has developed a portfolio of software and services to help organizations manage data from creation to expiry. Globanet’s proprietary solutions include the Globanet Merge1 message capture platform and Globanet Migrate, data migration software. A Symantec Platinum Partner with Master Specialization in Archiving and eDiscovery, its professional services team has extensive experience with industry-leading Enterprise Vault and Clearwell. Globanet’s broad range of services include policy and solution design, installation, configuration, data migration, custom add-ons and project-based eDiscovery consulting. Globanet is also a proud Microsoft Silver Application Development Partner.

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